I can’t remember a time when I was not always drawing. Having artists as parents you could say I hit the art supply jackpot … every color marker, pencil, paint, and pastel imaginable and stacks of colored paper to apply them to. Some of my favorite childhood memories are of spending the day with my dad at his studio on lower Madison Avenue. I loved being there, drawing pictures, while he and his colleagues worked at their drafting tables. I hoped to one day have a drafting table like my dad’s; sturdy wood behemoth with cast iron adjustments. When I started high school my dad gave me one of his and it’s been with me through four years of high school and college, three apartments and two studio spaces. My current workspace is only a few blocks away from that building where I’d accompanied him to work and I smile whenever I pass it.

A life-long New Yorker, I attended the legendary High School of Music & Art and Parsons School of Design. I live and work in Manhattan with my husband where we raised our two sons. When not covered in ink, I can be found in my kitchen covered in flour or biking around the city’s beautiful parks and waterfronts.